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    Community wisdom - collection of the knowledge bombs dropped over the net

    The wiki's far from finished and the official forums don't have any stickies so I thought gathering this stuff in one place might be a smart idea. I'll collect links as they come. Please contribute!

    A WARNING though: spending too much time with the numbercrunching and spreadsheets might turn you in a gelatinous blob of whine, spending more time complaining about balancing than actually enjoying the game.

    General gameplay
    DeVadder's guide to capturing bases

    Sortable Weapon Data Sheet
    Damage and time to kill numbercrunching (use with care)

    Prowler/Magrider Comparison
    More tank numbercrunching
    short video illustrating directional armor
    Lightning Guide

    ESF Hitboxes (top down image)
    ESF Agility Comparison

    Bits and pieces

    • Steer your drop pod with WASD. If you hit an enemy vehicle you might score a kill

    • Sunderers don't take directional damage (with blockade armor they take LESS damage at the rear than anywhere else
    • Flash scout radar still works when abandoning the vehicle
    • a MAX can resupply/change loadout at an infantry terminal/deployed sunderer
    • Medics can revive (but not fix) MAXes
    • People inside spawn room shields and horizontal yellow shields can shoot through them, people outside can't
    • Delayed explosions (C4, grenades etc) will still penetrate said shields
    • Everyone can shoot through the shields protecting the SCU
    • Accelerate your ascend/descend in grav lifts by facing the direction you're going and pressing W and either crouch or jump, depending on direction
    • Sometimes you can duck under Vanu hovertanks
    • the HA shield ability can absord fall damage
    • Toggle your laser sight attachment on and off with 'L' or 'T'
    • Soft point ammo decreases damage at 10m by 5%, increases at 25m by 15.4%, and decreases it at 50m by 11%.
    • Nanoweave 5 gives you 1125 effective health, a 12.5% boost.

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