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And the chip upgrade was another. The game gives you visual errors in your augs. Then tells you that you MUST get an upgrade. Nowhere - and I mean nowhere - are there contextual clues hinting that this is a bad thing to do. You literally are lead to believe that you MUST do this to keep playing your game. As above, DO NOT do this. I am fine with "unreliable narrators" in games, so long as clues exist to this fact - but Eliza's melodramatic "everyone lies" simply is not enough "clue" by itself. DXHR is a great game when you are playing and allowed to make choices. Its a terrible experience the moment these choices are taken from you.
There's loads of clues! Everyone starts glitching at the same time, which should instantly set off the alarm bells, and it's a new TY chip, with TY already established as the bad guys, who have some sort of big 'plan' ready to be set into motion. Not sure how you could miss it.

It's arguable that the way it's presented, as a secondary objective (though note - not a compulsory one, you're not told you MUST do it any more than any other sidequest) is misleading, as nowhere else does completing them have negative effects, but then that kinda worked for me on a meta level: are you going to follow blindly what you're told to do or make your own choices?