Hello all! I'm a student that just launched an experimental video game project called The Bureau and I hate to shamelessly self-promote (esp. on the 1st post!) but it's strictly a non-profit game that requires an audience to be successful. There's also an off-chance that it might actually be fun :P

The site went live today (as the investigation started today): http://allusiononline.ca/thebureau

It's a murder-mystery told in real-time through an interactive website. The site itself is a reproduction of the lead investigator's desk and players interact with those items you'd typically find there (documents, evidence, a tablet PC, and cell phone). The story is told through emails, text messages, and reports that appear on the detective's desk at the exact time that they would occur in the narrative (an autopsy, for instance, takes several days to complete. Once it's released it will generate emails between the officers as they discuss the details--such emails will emerge over time as though an actual exchange of ideas has taken place). Payers can delve deeper into the story by hacking accounts and cracking passwords to gain additional perspectives on the murder investigation.

If you're interested in more details I've put together a preview here. I'd be very interested in hearing your feedback!