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    The headache can increase when there are regular patches or content updates which the pirates can't keep up with. For example pirating pretty much any of the ARMA games within about a year of their release is largely pointless, because the patches move very quickly (and fix critical issues because apparently BIS never do any testing) and FADE protection is non-intrusive and remarkably effective. Of course releasing a buggy game that requires extensive patching to become playable isn't the best strategy, but still it's another element of convenience to consider. Since most games that support mods frequently require the latest version of the game, easy access to updates without relying on a crack is a factor.

    The threat of viruses etc is also largely overstated on anything other than Usenet. I'm guessing people only ever harp on about it due to virus scanners employing heuristic scanning methods which flag keygens or cracks as malicious due to their activity, not because they deliver a malicious payload or carry out a malicious action.
    While you are right, a game being an untested hopelessly buggy mess does not make it deserve a sale either:p
    If anything I just avoid those completely. I and many other people ignore those completely till the goty edition is out (and there is also always a goty edition pirated version)
    Any sane gamer will wait for the goty edition for buggy releases, and any self respecting gamer will buy the goty in a sale instead of rewarding devs fully for not QA testing their shit.

    Nalano really? key gens? idk where you get your games, through a portal to the 90s:p
    As I said, for me the process of paying for the game (dealing with Ideal etc) takes longer than the few clicks it takes to mount an iso and then right click the shortcut after it's done installing to find the install path and copy the crack over (many release groups have releases that don't even require you to do that anymore).

    Torrent speeds aren't an issue anymore, within 12 hours any popular torrent will saturate your download speed. (something steam often can't)

    It is ever so slightly more convenient to play on steam (automatic patches,again buggy untested games do not get a sale out of me regardless, if you download and play a game on launchday you'd play the unpatched version too, if you download it after the patch there is ALWAYS an already patched version available for pirates).
    Key word, ever so slightly, it really is negligable.

    Steam is popular because it is comparable to the ease of pirating or even easier, ubishit etc are much more annoying than just downloading the drm free superior version for free so they lose sales and can rot in hell.
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