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    Magrider upgrades

    Thought I'd ask people's opinion on Magrider upgrade choices. I do enjoy running around in my Mag and pimping it out is good fun. The giraffe camo is a given of course, once I have SC left over, and the Pri- erhm, Finger of Sauron is there already. But what about cert-only upgrades?

    The first levels of zoom optics, ammo extensions and acquisition timers are nice and cheap, easy picks. But I find not being able to test the actual effects of the more expensive upgrades makes me hesitant to take the leap. So what things have you tried and how did you like them?

    I have tried level 1 Rival Combat Chassis, giving improved mobility (harder braking, faster strafing better lift etc.). It's nice, the extra mobility makes a difference in long range fights, for sure. You are still capped at 50 kph on the straights, however.

    I also bought the IR smoke upgrade to evade guided missiles. Got some use of it the other day on Esamir when there were apparently a lot of heavies with lock-on launchers. I can imagine that it can be very useful once you get the cooldown down a bit. Still, it competes with some other really interesting things (Magburner, Proximity Radar & Fire Suppression System).

    I'm currently aiming for filling the defensive slot with something nice and would love to hear of any experience you may have with the options. I'm leaning towards trying the mine guard, since it is comparatively cheap, and because mines are such an annoyance when you do fall afoul of them.

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    If you want to slug it out over time, the front armour is amazing for keeping you alive, especially since our strafing lets us face the enemy most of the time. I would say the mine guard is probably the least important for the magrider of all the vehicles since we tend to travel outside the main chokepoints and engage at a distance in them, anyway.

    And I almost got the magburner but I'm really glad I got the IR smoke as well, it's saved my butt a bunch of times. I think I'll even upgrade it a bit. The Saron and possibly the HE cannon are high on my list come friday, too.

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    I'm currently in the same spot. Although I bought the Supernove FPC (the anti vehicle one, those names are sooo similar) and am loving it. To kill infantry you need direct hits but it does a lot of damage to vehicles and is incredibly accurate even over long distances, especially when firing on the move. For this loadout I will most likely go with the mag burner as I will stay away from infantry and only "snipe" enemy tanks and chase sunderers.

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