Okay, so I was reading this article and subsequently this article and the rusted wheels in my banana-eating-monkey-powered brain began to turn as though spun by some otherworldly, necromantic force.

Bethesda has a pretty crappy reputation amongst "veteran" PC gamers, especially those that have followed its rise to power. They've come to resent its success, its size, and its ubiquitous presence. Personally, I'm inclined to agree (especially after what they did with the Fallout license, since I loved that franchise in its original form), but those aforementioned articles have made me question my beliefs.

Objectively considering Bethesda's history, they're a poster child for independently developed and marketed success. They started small, focused, and passionate, and grew their brand and their IPs into blockbusters that span across all gaming platforms. During that time they also fostered the creation of new IPs and revived old fan favorites (even if they did alter them a bit), most likely saving quite a few talented individuals from losing jobs or even entire studios from folding. Even in the current time, they support their acquired studios despite mediocre critical reception and lackluster sales. And now, with the coming release of Arkane's Dishonoured, they've facilitated the convergence of a number of great talents into what looks to be a promising novel idea.

Do they truly deserve the bad rap they have among the community? Maybe I'm overstating the negativity, but I've seen it myself very strongly. In forums, in the discussions among my friends, even in the independent media (bloggers, vloggers, etc.), Bethesda seems like the "bad guy"; like just another Activision or EA, perhaps to a lesser extent.

Do they really deserve it? I guess I'm just asking because I want to like Dishonoured and I want to be able to say I'm supporting something that's quality and helpful to both consumers and developers. I don't have all the info, and I'd just like to hear some of your guys' opinions, if there are any.