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I replied yesterday, but the comment was auto-modded and never approved. Sorry about that.

The game requires no "Street Fighter" moves, no. Dark Souls works well with a gamepad out of the box; the problem is that the mouse control is genuinely awful out of the box. It's just a matter of mouse tracking vs. gamepad tracking.

However, you're not "gimping yourself" by using mouse/keyboard control, as Rauten suggested might be a possibility. With dsmfix, I find mouse/keyboard the superior mode of control (especially if you frequently use free-aim stuff like archery). There are two problems, tho. One, dsmfix might take a bit to install properly; it took me over an hour due to problems with phantom USB devices I had to find and disable. (For most people, this process seems to have been painless.) Two, the interface reflects XBox 360 controller buttons; it doesn't adjust to reflect your assigned keys. Both of those problems can be accommodated, but go in with the expectation that you might have to do a bit of troubleshooting to get everything working at the beginning.

The game is worth it, but be prepared for a little bit of initial agony (i.e., before all the agony you'll later encounter in-game :D ).

Thanks, I think I'll risk it. I usually have much more patience for bad interfaces than most people and the game looks interesting enough to put up with it.