The Binding of Isaac (+expansion, Wrath of the Lamb) - Fantastic rogue-like. The bad: runs on flash, so every so often there's slow down/weirdness, but it's usually temporary. It usually takes till beating Mom once or twice to really get into it, but it gets far better as it goes along. No controller support (with xpadder and the like). Pros: Maddeningly addictive, plays very well, minimal learning curve. Comes highly recommend from someone who has spent over 130 hours on it. A good 'podcast game'. If you buy it, get the expansion pack too.

Alan Wake - Hmm. I find it hard to really sum up my feelings accurately with this game. The gamey parts are bad, but so is the overall plot and some of the dialogue, but it's not as bad as the component parts. I think the game is thoroughly mediocre. Combat simply doesn't change from the first time you encounter a foe till the last one. The plot did barely anything of interest for me, not helped by some of the characters being a bit grating. At times the game just feels really forced in what's happening. Also, some of the collectables will tell you what happens next/fill in the story, of which your mileage may vary on whether or not that's bad. What I will say in its favour though is that the presentation is fantastic and the atmosphere is incredibly well captured. My recommendation for this comes squarely off if you are really, really interested in it. If it's a passing interest, I'd tell you to pass.

Castle Crashers - Pretty fun brawl'em side-scroller. It can get a bit boring and grindy at higher levels by yourself, but the game is quite obviously designed for co-op. If you're looking for a game in this vain, you could do an awful lot worse and probably not too much better.