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Crusader Kings 2 is on sale for another 3 hours from this post for a tenner. My understanding is none of the DLC is required to enjoy it and they only add music and some extra playable races or something? I'm interested to get the game and I'm just wondering is any DLC "required"?
Even the big expansions (Sword of Islam and Legacy of Rome) aren't "required" if you don't want to play as a Muslim or in the Byzantine Empire. When those came out, Paradox added a lot to the game, but most of it was added to the base game. About the only thing that matters if you don't play a Muslim or Byzantine are the retinues.

I've played well over a 100 hours on a single playthrough. I've bought the expansions but haven't really touched them. I'd recommend just buying the base game. The expansions go on sale this cheap almost once a month.