We usually have a thread for Albums of the year but I don't think we have had films of the year before, i think we should change it because putting things into lists at the end of the year is a pleasurable activity that many people like so yeah to kick us off here is mine. I have to warn you its quite blockbuster heavy this year since i didn't have the money or the location to see the more indie films unfortunately. Hopefully I'll catch up though some of them look interesting.

The Muppets

A lovely film has everything a film should have, great jokes that are silly and break the fourth wall and heartfelt emootions that make you cry. You feel good and aww after you watch it, also it has songs that sound almost exactly like Flight Of The Conchords songs what else do you need?

The Dark Knight Rises

I think people who disliked this didn't really get it to be honest, though I think the title should have really told everyone it should have been called gotham Rises because thats the theme how a city gets to fight for itself through one last hurrah. Its pretty bleak for a blockbuster and the last act is again a sit at the edge of your seat affair like Inception was. It is thought provoking and made me think about it for a long time afterwards. Though it probably could of cut about half hour from its running time.

The Avengers

The Yin to Rises Yang its basically just trying to have cool splash pages moments and entertaining big popcorn moments and it succeeds. great entertaining chracters funny and witty script and great action, probably the best fun movie in awhile shows how poor Transformers really was.


Taking cues from Dark Knight is this really good installment of Bond making it much more character driven and much more grounded though still nodding a lot to previous bonds. has some of the best fight and action scenes this year and it humanises Bond and M. It also has a great creepy turn from Bardem and a great two punch theme on Mothers and Digital versus old fashioned spycraft.


Despite its problems and despite it feeling like two films smashed together i really liked this film it has a nice thriller bombast to it and the second half is just full of horrible and exciting things. i can't wait to see it again with other scenes in it because I think it is an underrated gem, not perfect no but smart enough.