Moonrise Kingdom - The film equivalent of a Calvin and Hobbes strip, with a hefty dose of bittersweet childhood romance.
This is probably my fauvorite from this year, and one of the best movies I ever seen. Wes Anderson is a genius.

On The Road - adaptation of cult book with the same title. It's very good adaptation, although with a little different feelieng.

7 Psychopats - great comedy/drama with greatest idea for "last gunfight" and awesome cast - Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken and Tom Waits.

The Raid - I somewhat hate this movie, because it makes all action sequences from other movies looks very sloppy and uninteresing.

Paranorman - great stop motion animation with vibe of old horror movies.

- as above, lol. I was kinda not sure about this, because Tim Burton commited that horrible Alice In Wonderland (oh god, I hate this movie so much, I want burn all traces of it, and then launch it ashes in space) earlier.

The Dark Knight Rises
- not as good as pervious, but hey it's a GODDAMN BATMAN.

I still didn't see Hobbit, but I'm more curious about that 48 FPS technology than movie itself.

Hmm, I think I missed something.