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    Crasleen: Drums of War

    “Crasleen: Drums of War” – a new turn-based tactical strategy.

    Dark times came for Crasleen – The Horde had risen from the graves of the dead and had besieged the once impregnable city walls. Defense of the city is weakening day by day, and only a miracle can save the people in it from total destruction…

    Player assumes the role of the hero-leader. On the campaign the Player’s army replenishes various mercenaries and unique characters. By participating in the battles, all of the characters become more experienced and get stronger. Player hires new recruits, buys potions and distributes artifacts obtained in battles between fights.

    In addition to these characteristics and the ability to fight enemies, there is an account side where to deliver a blow, the type of vision and time of day. The interactive environment provides additional space for tactics: trees can be turned into allies-ents, burned or just cut down, barrels can block the way, and part of the river may be frozen into ice for moving to the other side…

    - 2 campaigns from 30 missions each;
    - 4 available to race, 50 kinds of characters;
    - An interactive environment;
    - Attack castles with scaling ladders and catapults;
    - The ability to play for two players on one computer (hotseat).

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    Good news! There is a demo version of turn-based tactical strategy game «Crasleen: Drums of War».
    In the demo-version there are 4 missions for orc Tharshan and multiplayers (hotseat). The game supports English and Russian languages. Please, leave your comments here or on the forum of the official game site.

    Unfortunately, game release postponed to 1Q 2013.
    «Crasleen: Drums of War» got in the top-100 best indie-games of year 2012 according to site


    Official site:

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    Nice! Looks like Battle of Wesnoth, just less limited in gameplay.

    How much customizability will it have? Tile, campaign, unit editors?

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