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    Exclamation [NC] Look here for joining NC outfit Miller

    Well as I keep seeing the same thing pop up I thought I'd better raise a thread that had all the info for this matter on the front page.

    If you would like to join the NC RTRS "Rock Traitor Shotgun" outfit, we are on Miller (EU). Now the way PS2 works is invites can only be sent out when the players are online, so my tips to all:

    Join to be able to find members of our outfit.

    Join mumble, there is a set up guild there. We are most active in evenings and are the busiest days are Fridays to Sundays.

    These are the only things you need to know, most members can invite to the outfit. Your dukes of Freedom are Wafflynumber and Ayam

    Posting your in-game name won't really get you a invite due to the way PS2 works. So if you want to join for freedom, go to the to above links - don't be afraid of mumble, it's easy to use and does not matter if you do not have a mic as you can send a PM "private message" to players in mumble and we can do it that way, so don't worry about not having a mic.

    We currently have around 100 members in the outfit, with around 20-30 highly active players and the rest mostly pop on for our bigger events fri-sun.

    PS don't listen to the lies of the VS, we are where the real skill is. It's a known fact that the VS and TR have joint forces to try to crush us but we shall never fall!
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