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    Quote Originally Posted by deano2099 View Post
    No they're considering it on a case-by-case basis for new games too as far as I can tell. Even after they started patching it out, they stated that it might still be used in new titles:
    Deano, that's lawyer speak at work. You never make a statement that could be used against you in future (George Bush Seniors 'No more Taxes' being the classic example). However as Quanta rightly points out the whole always on DRM with AC2 was such a huge PR pain in the arse that Ubi are highly unlikely to ever go down that road again. AC:B didn't have it and that sold extremely well on PC. There is little if any incentive for Ubi to court further controversy again.

    Quote Originally Posted by R-F View Post
    This game was: Day one purchase.
    This game now is: Day one piracy.

    Good job, Ubisoft.

    Do you ever read anything beyond the first post?

    Quote Originally Posted by Heliocentric View Post
    Well done Dust, you were a £5 purchase, you are still a £5 purchase but now all the comments threads about the game will have 25% DRM bitching.
    25% BS DRM at that.

    The whole 'always online' aspect was completely overplayed at the time anyway. Because of the DRM I didn't buy AC2 straight away, however when it hit half price I snapped it up because I wanted to see how well Venice had been realized and truth be told I didn't encounter one problem whatsoever playing it (an extremely polished title it has to be said). That there are people even now who despite the fact that 'always online' element has been removed still refuse to buy it, is bemusing really.
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