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    Quote Originally Posted by Kadayi View Post
    Also good to finally see you on the forums.
    To be fair, I posted back on the old forums when the accounts were the same as on the main page. I just... kinda forgot the forums existed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kadayi View Post
    Deano, that's lawyer speak at work. You never make a statement that could be used against you in future (George Bush Seniors 'No more Taxes' being the classic example). However as Quanta rightly points out the whole always on DRM with AC2 was such a huge PR pain in the arse that Ubi are highly unlikely to ever go down that road again. AC:B didn't have it and that sold extremely well on PC. There is little if any incentive for Ubi to court further controversy again.
    I think what you did there, was underestimate how mental Ubi are:

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