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    Great New IPs of the Last Generation

    Prompted by the Bulletstorm piece from the front page.

    So we all know how it goes: we rail against the industry's reliance on sequels, except when we like 'em, and celebrate new IP, except when it comes time to actually buy the games. But let's turn that frown upside-down and talk about those new IPs that have joined us over the last few years and won our hearts. I think there's more than we might imagine.

    Oh, and new IP that didn't succeed but should've - if only so the flaws could be corrected in the sequel - is fair game too. Mirror's Edge I'm looking at you.

    To get a few of the more obvious candidates out of the way:

    Mass Effect (EA)
    Assassin's Creed (Ubi)
    Bioshock (2K)
    Gears of War (Epic)
    Portal (Valve)

    From roads less travelled, I offer up Atlus' Trauma franchise for DS and Wii which, to quote Chris Schilling in his review of Trauma Team for EG, has the "surgery sim cum fantastical bioterrorist soap opera" genre well and truly sewn up.
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