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    Your Christmas Haul

    It's important to remember Christmas is about family and sharing, it's a time of joy an- nuts to that, let's talk about presents! I got a nail file set (also known as a manicure set, but manicure doesn't sound like a very manly word even though it has man in it), The Dark Knight Rises, Red Dwarf X, Mafia II, tin of chocolate biscuits, Unforgiven, Lynx, socks (the person who gave me this has already been dealt with), lumberjack jacket, and a special HP Sauce giftset. I have HP Sauce with every meal to recharge my Britishness. Even though it's no longer made in Britian.

    And yes I'm aware I'm a day early. My family ended up opening the presents today for work schedule reasons.

    So what loot did you make off with this Christmas?
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