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    Twas the night before Christmas an whatever your religion, Santa brings free games!!

    I have a variety of unused bundle codes, Steam Inventory games and other stuff so what better time to give them away?

    Note to Steam Badge Hunters, gifting is one of the requirements this year (and yes I know you could gift to yourself but that's sad!)

    "But there's a Kindness Thread where we do this stuff" - yes there is, but given that it's Christmas I thought we could apply the "Mince Pies for Santa" rule and require anyone taking something, to also give something (anything, really) back.

    What I'm suggesting is - I'll post some stuff below - if you want something then post (don't PM) saying what you want AND offering something (not to me but to anyone - it's a chain, not a swap) in return.

    First person to ask, gets (so yes, you have a small risk of getting nowt but perhaps that's actually because you were naughty and not nice!) - the giver simply PMs the receiver with their wares...

    Updated to say what I've got has been updated in this post here
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