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    Section 8 Prejudice - On Sale now (with new mode!) + Meetup

    Quick heads up,

    The GFWL marketplace is selling Section 8 Prejudice for 4.99, or $7.50. That's cheaper than it was during the steam summer sale!

    Also, its been updated with a new "Skirmish" mode (which is team deathmatch with the typical section 8 "Dynamic Combat Missions" added in) and I believe the new map pack was released on PC today too.

    Pretty good time to pick it up IMO, especially if you haven't already. Title beats BRINK hands down too, in my opinion.

    I did let RPS know via email, but I believe they have their hands full with the job applications. All this good stuff and no attention? :(

    Would of put this in the sales thread, but I have a motive - are there still folks around who play S8:P? Was wondering if we could have an RPS match one weekend.
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