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    Somebody really, really has to make a Wings of Prey with jets in it.

    Or does such a game already exist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hensler View Post
    I think there's a lack of interesting aircraft and major air combat events for that time period.
    Sir I object!

    The reason I brought it up is because when I hear 'British jets' the aircraft that occur to me are from that era: the Venom, Lightning, TSR.2, etc. There're plenty of fascinating aircraft of that era from other nations too, perhaps closest to my heart being the A-4 Skyhawk.

    From a gameplay perspective I'm surprised the period isn't more popular because it would seem to strike a balance between the rat-a-tat dogfights of yesteryear and modern electric jets. Plus you've got period-specific combat circumstances such as dedicated supersonic interceptors arrayed against lumbering Soviet bombers. And yeah, Korea and Vietnam as conflicts featuring both A2A and A2G combat.
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