Recently, I've been thinking about some of the games I'd really love. From all of them, I've been able to take conclusion that it's not the gameplay that make me love it,nor the genre or the other things that have been discussed all this time.

THE ATMOSPHERE! That's what make me fall in love with this game.

I love STALKER because it have been able to deliver very convincing radiation infested era to me and how to survive there.
I love Metro 2033 because its make me feels like ... STALKER (despite its linear gameplay)
I love Crysis because of the setting it takes very familiar with the place I lived (tropical jungle).
I love Just cause 2 because its using the same place and language as mine (south east asian).
I love GTA because it allows me to wandering around the place I've never visited before (yes, big cities is not where I came from and I've never visiting new york, las vegas,miami,san francisco or even USA)
I love the Witcher 2 because It gives the picture of western medieval era perfectly
I love Assasin Creed (1 and 2) because it allows me to go to the place and time when the history was written (I'd love that AC 2 database section).
I love Call of Duty (1st,2nd and 4th) because of the setting its take across the world during the WW and cold war.

All of them above have very different gameplay,genre and even presentation. But I love them because of its different and convincing atmosphere that allows me to feels it, imagine it and even learn something from it!

what about you, guys?