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    SADFACE (formerly Looking for a new video card for under 100)

    (edited later to add that the new card doesn't work -- if you can offer any advice/opinions please scroll down to where I describe what's up. Also, sad face.)

    I think I fried my video card. Sadface.

    So, a replacement card! Something under 100 because my budget is slim at the moment, and if possible something that will offer a performance gain over my old* card, which is a 512Mb Radeon HD 2900. I'm not especially tied to ATI/AMD if nVidia is currently ruling the roost at that price range. If it makes any difference, I have no real interest in DX11, since I'm a Vista user.

    Recommendations? Please? Thank you?

    * Look at me, all calling it my old card already. No loyalty -- that's me.
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