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Thread: 7 Days to Die

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    7 Days to Die

    No idea if anyone here still plays this, but I have a small server up for at least the next 3 months (likely longer, also hosting some other things there). It's PvP but there's a password on to help filter out the random unwanted types.

    The server name is 'The Jogging Dead', you can find it under modded server listings.
    Password is sheerfall.

    24hrs in-game = 1hr
    Airdrops every 96 in-game hrs
    Higher difficulty, average zombie spawns, more animal spawns.
    100% loot which refills every 7 in-game days.
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    If it's still up, i will come visit you tomorrow :)

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    This server still live? I'd like to jump on board :)

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