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    The (unofficial) RPS Minecraft Server Thread III

    As RPS begins a new forum, we begin a new thread. Let's see how this new format works out...

    Previous threads:
    ---Original thread---
    ---Second thread---

    Quick Information (as of April 27th, 2014):
    Current build of the game used by the server: 1.7.2
    address of the server:
    Wiki for the server: uRPS Minecraft Tourism Board
    Live map of the server: Unofficial Rock Paper Shotgun Dynamic Map

    Please note: Server currently running on game build "Full Release 1.7.2"
    Using a more current build or an older build than the one used by this server will prevent connection to the server. Our server uses a number of plugins that don't get updated all at the same time as they aren't made by one person. Once they all update, we can update. This process allows us to provide and maintain a stable server for players as sometimes the "updates" turn out buggy. We want you enjoying the server, not screaming about bugs and glitches. Asking us when we're updating does not accelerate the speed at which the plugins we rely upon update. Just because Bukkit has updated does NOT mean all of our plugins have updated as well.

    In order to ensure your ability to play on our server when it ISN'T up-to-date with the current build of the game, you need to get into the habit of going into your /.minecart/bin folder ***BEFORE loading the game when an update has been released*** and making a backup copy of the minecraft.jar file in there. Rename the backup to something reflecting the build of the game it represents. I've made backups in this manner going all the way back to alpha v122. It's super-effective. Once you've made your safe backup, go ahead and load the game. It'll auto-update. Once it's done, exit the game, go back to the now-updated minecraft.jar file and rename it to match that build of the game, making it a backup of that build. Finally, make a copy file of the backup of the build that matches the server, rename it to minecraft.jar and place it in the /bin folder if it isn't sitting there already. You should be able to connect to the server at this point.

    Disclaimer: Occasionally, players will share links to their backups for other players, but it behooves you to get into the habit of making your own. Posting the minecraft.jar file (regardless of build) is of questionable legality, so do so at your own risk. Mojang hasn't made much of a stink about the practice, but probably better not to temp fate ... or their lawyers.

    ---uRPS Minecraft Tourist Board---
    *Formatting is being screwy, can't seem to get this link nice like the others*

    ---uRPS Server Rules---
    Read them, learn them, love them.

    ---uRPS Address--- (New address, hosted by thegingerbeast, same map running mc1.3.2) (Old address, hosted by HostedGameServers, non-responsive and may have run out... use the new address posted immediately above)

    ---uRPS FAQ---
    Information about this server and its community ... and anything else we think of and want to put here.

    ---uRPS Maps---
    Yay, maps! Because who doesn't like maps? Provided: Collection of older maps created as the server grows. A link to a Stargate directory put together by KirbyS.

    Additionally, in the post directly below this one rustyshakelford2 is providing direct links to the most current maps made.

    Double additionally, Rusty has a browsable map available now. Yay maps! (currently outdated)

    Live map on the new server via Eltagno. Yay maps!

    Use these cmds in chat to determine whether you want your presence on the live map shown or not:
    /dynmap hide
    /dynmap show

    ---General Minecraft Information---
    For you newcomers to Minecraft who have never played before, please make sure that you read the General Minecraft Information document first before asking questions about how to play the game. Using the reference information and learning the basics in single player first is a great way to get started rather than simply diving straight into multiplayer right after having bought the game. You may feel overwhelmed playing on your own, but you don't need to be. Being armed with basic gameplay knowledge and experience in single player BEFORE you join any multiplayer server will make your play much more enjoyable and helps you add to that community quickly.

    Welcome to the game and happy minecrafting,
    -------The uRPS staff and community-------
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