Well, I'm glad things managed to sort themselves out before I had a chance to respond to Anon. I've had a shitastic past 2 weeks at work and just found out our dept.'s hours have been cut *again* so yeah, I'm in a particularly foul mood now. That others have responded and Elt has been able to update has allowed me to take a breath and NOT make an ass of myself. Highlight of my day.

Thank you once again to Eltagno for pulling the server apart and putting her back together.

As far as a list of what mods/plugins we rely on, I'm not terribly comfortable publicizing that. There are certain anti-griefer things in that mix that I'd rather the mongrel hordes not know to expect. Also, there's like 1 or 2 that are custom-made for our server rather than just being something posted on the Bukkit forums. We shall consider our options on this suggestion; I don't hate it, but again I have reservations.

As for Anon's concerns:
(I don't feel you came off as dickish at all, though going the Anon route seemed unnecessary but whatever, you did what you felt you had to do. No shame in it.)
Look, I know and feel the frustrations, but there really isn't any other way for me to state what's been stated a thousand times before. We do it this way to avoid knowing the "joys" of exciting new bugs that other servers rush headlong into, to provide a stable server that isn't sucked of its fun by stupid glitches in the game that come with new updates. In the early days, when we weren't really using any plugins save a few anti-grief things (and by early, I mean as far back as M3's server), it was easier to update but also we got to bathe in the bugs too. As the server matured, we added a few plugins to make the game more enjoyable, more interesting. With that came certain risks ... like being at the mercy of others' schedules, specifically the modders of the plugins we use. Hell, some modders lose interest entirely in the game. We aren't using now the Stargate mod we started with, but rather one someone did to keep it going on Bukkit. So that's an example of a major delay we had at that time (January? February?) between when the original modder stopped and someone else stepped in; we already had quite a few gates at the time twisting in the wind. Bukkit itself was the successor to hMod which we'd been using since M3 started his server. The guy who did hMod got tired with the game, and it really sent shockwaves through the MC community seeing as the alternative server wrappers aren't as good, and good lord the default one is crap. Bukkit was just talk at the time, but that kicked it into high gear. Being at the mercy of others' schedules and whims sucks, particularly since this remains an unfinished game until at least November of this year.

If you have other up-to-date servers you play on, by all means enjoy yourself on them while waiting on us here. We won't hold it against you, you aren't betraying us, we just don't want our server to crash and burn as others might if they update right away. Again, we want all of you to have a good, stable server to play on. Hell, I used to play on this server plus the 2 official RPS servers, rotating between them depending on who was updated and who had crashed and burned. It's one thing to have a private server and choosing to update as rapidly as possible, it's another thing to have a public one and trying to ensure it is constantly playable to a wide base of players. The official servers had a Hell of a time finding the right balance, and they were hardly using ANY plugins. This is something we've had to learn for ourselves. It's not a perfect process, but it gives us a stable server. Anyhoo Elt had planned last weekend to do the update, but of course Notch released another update right before leaving for E3, so that didn't jive at all with Elt's plans. I figured he might have better luck this weekend and we see he did. Excellent, though surprise, seems there are bugs.

Now imagine going through that every single time there's an update. Beta 1.6 came out May 26th, beta 1.6.6 came out May 31st. Seven updates in 5 days, each update having the potential to randomly break plugins. Yeah, I don't miss the days when that was fairly common (late Summer, pre-Halloween Update Fall last year).

It's nice that Notch seems to be getting serious about the API development. All I can do is hope he'll have it done and available somewhat soonly, rather than when the game is released ... that would be shit. I want to believe he wants to see this game through to retail (even beyond as he's mentioned), that he realizes it's gone beyond his original vision, and that he accepts it and is willing to just go with it. But, yeah, it feels sometimes he just wants it over. I realize some are excited about Scrolls. I am not. XBox port and Mobilecraft? My last console was N.E.S. and my cellphone doesn't do anything more than text messages. Minecraft is a phenomenal game and can be made even greater if Notch/Mojang would just see that, rather than just seeing how it didn't evolve the way they thought it would.

I've been typing and revising for 2 hours now, not sure what else to say. I know some find it annoying the way we handle updates, while others are perfectly fine with it. I've heard of other servers that haven't updated in ages, some preferring to remain Indev or Infdev servers, but yeah most try to keep up-to-date. We are in that category, but we just don't jump on it each time. We bide our time and see how the bugs shake out and how other servers (via forum discussions) handle new updates. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was. Though, I wonder what the average lifespan of a Minecraft community is? This community has been going nonstop since September of last year (the old forum setup doesn't provide exact dates; I first entered the server on the 18th, so probably began beginning of the month) except for a one week major outage following the Halloween Update when M3's server went down for the count and Thurzday set up a refugee server, which was then ported over to an HGS server by Jonbas. I don't know the future, and it has been rough with the delayed updates, but I don't see this community or this server evaporating any time soon. The game continues to evolve, new players come to it every day, and we remain connected with RPS so we aren't invisible. It doesn't bug me that players have disappeared (people have all kinds of non-MC reasons for absence), it bugs me that we don't have better options to deal with updates (*cough* API *cough*) and the delays we suffer can drive people off. Like I said, my hope is the API will change things for the better, making it easier for us to update quicker and perhaps not have to suffer buggy updates as much as we otherwise might.

PS: And as I type that last sentence, I see I need to force a restart. Heh, figures. ;)