So, like an idiot, I went and bought a game crippled by Ubisoft's punishment to its loyal PC customers, and I've had nothing but stress from it.

I'm above min spec (Q8300, 4GB RAM, GTS 450 1GB, Win XP), and it exits, without fail, within 10 minutes of play time, but rarely above 5 minutes. I spend most of that time in loading screens, because the game has, for me, ridiculous load times. My connection is fairly solid, and no messages have come up telling me that it's closing because of my connection, so I doubt it's the DRM.

Ubisoft's tech support is useless (The guy told me to run it in Compatibility Mode for Win XP, for example) and I've had no replies on the official forums. My drivers are up to date, but changing video drivers has had absolutely no effect on the frequency of closures. Win XP and everything else is up to date, too.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.