Yay I got a decent 256gig SSD as a gift and I can finally cross that off my list so all I need is a new motherboard and graphics card to make my machine fly!!! Boo it's not working. By not working I mean, I have installed windows 7 absolutely fine, even managed to install drivers and all that jazz but here comes to the issue. Whenever I try and open an application (take ie down on the task bar for instance) it trys to boot up and doesn't work, I've even seen the process jump up on task manager to make sure it's working. I was a bit confused about this so rather than the shortcut on the task bar I tried it from the start menu... Same again. I then ran it as an adminstrator and BAM straight in. I've reinstalled Win7 ultimate twice now with two differen't disks, both SP1 and the ISOs downloaded from technet (one being a couple of months old the other a few hours).

So I'm very confused. Any ideas?