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Thread: New hardrive

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    New hardrive

    Picking up a new hardrive for my gaming PC, 500GB (Anything more is extra money for redundant space)

    Anything I should bear in mind when making my choice?

    Basically if any of you could say "Well I use this one here and have no problems" that would be great

    And what's the difference between a 2.5" and a 3.5" hardrive?

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    2.5" are mostly used in laptops. A few people have them in desktops as they can be quieter but you'll pay more for the same storage and they're usually slower too. I've got a Samsung F3 and they are generally well thought of. Quick, fairly quiet and pretty cheap. You should be able to find a 500gb one for around 30. Pretty much every self builder I know has one.

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    30 seems pretty standard...

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pink Ninja View Post
    30 seems pretty standard...
    So what's the problem? Strange way of saying thanks for a very informative (and correct) post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baris View Post
    So what's the problem? Strange way of saying thanks for a very informative (and correct) post.
    Because I was waiting to see if anyone else had anything else to add. It hasn't been 24 hours yet.

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    Don't want a standard price? Get the overpriced Velociraptor at almost 200! (you get 10.000 rpm, but at a high price).
    Want an even higher price and even greater speed? Get the OCZ Revodrive 3. 480 GB for only 1200 Euro. But you'll get 1GB read and 900 mb write speeds per second. Which is at the top for SSD harddrives.
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