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    If there is an issue it's people buying games just because of the name. And this extends beyond doing something bad for PC gaming.
    I disagree: it reflects the health and worth of the industry. For all that we complain about a lack of innovation in the industry, and for all the scepticism and hostility with which the idea of games as something other than mindless diversions is received in certain quarters, the fact is that one game is not easily substituted for another. If I want to play Modern Warfare 3 then I want to play Modern Warfare-fucking 3, not Battlefield 3 or any of the other games that are at least superficially similar to it. That publishers are able to exploit their customers to this degree - successfully - is another arrow in the quiver demonstrating that games are more art than product. Toothbrushes can be easily substituted for one another, the Mona Lisa cannot.
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