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    Terrible news for IE fans, Gibberlings3 is gone

    For those who don't know Gibberlings3 is essentially the go to site for Infinity Engine mods. The ones that are now considered mandatory for any fans playing through. Things like BG Tutu and Unfinished Business as well as the tweak packs that fix 15 year old bugs.

    Anyone know of any sites that still host them? Because as far as I can tell every other website that mentions the mods just link back to the now deceased
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    I panicked a bit when i saw this. I don't have any of that stuff backed up, and i go back to the IE games periodically....after a bit of googling though, i found this thread on the baldurs gate: EE site, which seems to imply that things are perhaps not as dire as all that. There's actually an emergency backup mirror here with links to at least some of the files.

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    Sorceror's Place might have some, if they don't link back to Gibberlings3.

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    Companies who are continuing to sell these games would be wise to pick up the strain. Is moddb no use?
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    Doubt this'll be permanent, they've had a history of going down then coming back up over the years. Certainly hope that's the case anyway.

    Might be worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page in the meantime. Fingers crossed it'll all be sorted once the festive season's over.

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