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    Can anybody point me to some nice free forum software and hosting.

    Ahoy hoy, used to hang about here by a different name but have since updated what with the new forum look, so hello all to all you swines. Now speaking of forums on to the topic.

    As you can plainly read in the title I am looking for help in setting up a free forum for one of my clans, can any of you chaps recommend me some and if there are no decent free options a cheap alternative?

    Thank you in advance guys and gals.

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    I've been using phpbb forever and host it on my own webspace. They used to offer a free hosting directly on their site, but I can't seem to find it. They have an info page about hosting though. (be sure to turn off your adblock for that, I had to or couldn't see the content. :) )

    I would recommend getting you own webspace though, I have had mine for over 7 years and never regretted it.
    You can always use webspace for something like an online portfolio or blog or whatever, and the 5$-a-month plans are usually enough for private use.

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    To be honest I was also thinking about free webhosting but then I finally decided to use paid webhosting. I actually do not want ads on my own website and so I decided to choose IX webhosting because they had the best offer for my requirements. I can recommend them because they offer great service and have reasonable prices.

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    phpbb is pretty good, Simple Machines ( seems decent as well

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