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    Minecraft Server Setup

    Just rented a Minecraft server from Multiplay as a birthday present for my son. Anyone able to offer a quick list of things that I really should do before letting him loose on it? Things I think I want to do are:
    - Set myself up as Admin
    - Set my son up as a user with no restrictions
    - Set everyone else up with restrictions of TNT (anything else?)
    - Add a password

    There's no shortage of mods out there too, are there any that are especially useful/excellent that I'd be a fool not to use immediately?
    Thanks for any advice.

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    I was just about to ask a related question, so instead of starting a new thread, I'll second this request, and ask if anybody has a recommendations as to who to go to and what to get for a Minecraft server.

    I'm looking to rent something cheap for 3-4 players max. Are Multiplay the best option? How much RAM do I realistically need on there? Any tips for making sure the server regularly gets saved and backed up? (Memories of Day One of the RPS Minecraft server still horribly fresh.)

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