Hi there.
My girlfriend just bought Vectorworks 2013 for herself. As she's on the leave from a job, se wanted to have this in order to be able to use the files she worked on, therefore allowing self-promotion. The problem is that it turns out that her former boss was using a pirated version of Vectorworks. The problem is that the drm of Vectorworks disallow the usage of files created by illegal versions of Vectorworks on legal versions on Vectorworks. In a nutshell, my girlfriend cannot use files she made at her former job because of a decision of her boss at the time.

The thing gets worse when it turns out that Vectorworks creators will activate file usage if one delates the illegal creator of the file and if this one turns to an official version. Really classy, even maybe a bit borderline regarding the law.

So my question is: does anybody have a solution or a idea where to find one?
I am hoping for a file converter or something like this.