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    One Name Tag: Steam Barter Challenge!

    Long story short, I'm looking to trade [at time of post update] The Ship for any other game on steam. From there, I'll see what I can trade up to, and if I can keep it going! Any offers? I'll keep a record of the story below too. Let's hope I don't get given something that no one wants!

    The Story So Far
    Inspired by the new Valve Market place for game items and game gift trading, I thought I'd give it a go. What can I loose?
    Except maybe some sleepless nights tracking the market demand for crates... So I fired up TF2 and looked to see what I could trade. My long (but gap filled) list of hats, items and more hats, left me with only one tradable item.


    A TF2 weapon name tag. No frills and without any sparkly special effects. Nothing to make it stand out at all really. But despite it's simplicity, it fetched 0.41p, which gave me 0.36p in my Steam wallet. Score!

    After nearly a thousand hours of TF2 gameplay, I get back something from it all. 36p. So, I fire up the Steam store to see what I can get. It's Bad Rats. The only game under 40p. That's not too bad I suppose. Is it? Well, turns out it's quite possibly the worse game on Steam ever.

    This could be a very difficult challenge, if I wish to trade Bad Rats for anything else that's even remotely playable, I'll need to find someone very generous. Or perhaps naive? But Good news, Toki Tori is also on sale, at 34p. So, I have a chance here, to make the biggest Steam game trade challenge ever.

    The Challenge is: To trade up from 1 game on the Steam store all the way to the complete Railworks 3: Train Simulator pack.

    Am I crazy? Probably. Why do it? For the challenge! Will I succeed? Perhaps it's best not to answer that one. ;)

    So to begin, I'll need to buy a game with these humble funds. After the first purchase, I'll be trading games only, so it will be bartering all the way. Trading back and forth with others, and trying to not corner myself with a unwanted "lemon" of a game. Any takers? The final question is, does anyone want to trade a game for Toki Tori then?

    Trade so far:

    1) Toki Tori went to Aiphator as my first trade for The Ship.
    2) The Ship went to Cricky as my second trade for The Legend of Grimrock.
    3) The Legend of Grimrock went to Yoko as my third trade for Bastion.

    4) Bastion went to Skhalt for Civilization IV.

    Current game is Civilization 4 and Burnout Paradise (+ any other EA duplicate games I have :) ). Any offers or takers? :)
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