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    New Years Gaming Resolutions!

    17 years ago (or thereabouts) I made my last New Years Resolution which was never to make another New Years Resolution. Now I'm faced with a desire to wonder what my fellow RPS readers have planned for the upcoming year, so as to not break my long standing resolution, I've decided to throw in the word 'Gaming' and make it a completely new type of resolution, independent of the real one, but with much harsher consequences for failure...the knowledge RPS readers will shake their head with shame at the person who failed to keep their New Years Gaming Resolution every time they see their name in the forums - and you'll do it too, won't you? That's just how serious this is.

    My goal this year, is to not leave games half finished (Well, not as many, heh).

    I have a nasty habit of playing a game, getting around half way through and then leaving for a change of scenery. For the rest of the year, I'll have a game on my playlist that will taunt me. Usually I'm reluctant to go back to a game, having forgot the storyline, moral choices in an RPG I've previously chosen or even just how to play the game...leaving me to either ignore it or start the whole game again, often undoing hours of gameplay.

    So this year my plan is to change that, I'll need variation as I know I'll get bored with some games, so I plan to have an active game for a specific genre, so only one FPS, RTS or RPG at a time (with the exception of some multiplayer games I expect...making excuses already!). Hopefully this will have a knock on effect of eating into my backlog of games too, which would be a nice bonus.

    I'm eager to know what others have planned, should it be finally getting around to completing a particular game, making a dream game of your own or simply not typing as much profanity into a game of DOTA2...

    Here's to the new year, hope you all have a good'un!
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