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    Dominions 3 - New Game (Beginners esp)

    So the game came out on Desura and i finally picked it up. I'd love to get a game started so if you're interested post below and we'll sort something out.Not having played before suggestions welcome.So far i'm thinking:

    Get Yer Pretenders In - FAQ linked below

    Game Name : RPSnails
    9 players
    Hosted on Llamaserver
    ruleset - CBM 1.94
    Early AgeMap : RustyNails with 9 fixed starting postions

    All diplomacy is to be done either in this thread or via in in game messaging system. Any agreement made public in this thread is binding.

    Two turns notice is required to break a binding agreement.

    A Pact (Non agression) is an agreement not to attack each other.
    An Alliance is an agreement to help each other which can result in a joint victory

    Agreements can be for a set amount of time (eg Pact for 3 turns) or indefinate (subject to breaking as above)

    Otherwise anything goes

    Hope that works

    player / Nation

    prester john - T'ien Ch'i
    Kaira - C'tis
    Jolima - Mictlan
    Zakalwe - Helheim
    GSU - Lanka
    riadsala - Caelum
    Jockie - Arco
    lasikbear - Kailasa
    Nullkigan - Sauromatia




    Map :
    FAQ :
    Server :
    CBM :
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