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    Hawken Had a New Way to Develop a Game Into All-round Entertainment Franchise

    By getting people into reading their comic:

    Japan is still pretty unchallenged in this field. You see that Resident Evil by Capcom has not only games but real-action movies, CG animations, figures...... They can rush out a garbage game just to get people to talk about it. The best Western games achieve outside gaming seem to be novels. EA had animations for franchises like Dead Space, Mass Effect and Dragon Age but they aren't that well received.

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    I don't see whats so new about this since Valve is a pioneer here as well. TF2, L4D2, P2 and DOTA2 have their own comics (which are quite good actually). TF2 and P2 have a series of promotional shorts with them (these are not just regular old trailers) - the meet the team shorts and the Cave Johnson introduction vids to Aperture. Then there's the ARGs, the seasonal events, the trading card games, and now they're even making documentaries around the communities of their games and so on.

    But it is good to see that other devs are being proactive about branching out their franchises as well.
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    EA and Ubi have conracted Penny Arcade to do promotional comics.

    EA did the laughable live action Dragon Age.

    It is a lot cheaper to expand your IP than to develop a new one and only use it for a game.

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    Firefall has a comic as well. :)

    EDIT - Slightly related, but the Far Cry 3 live action web series was actually pretty damn good.
    Ditto Halo - Forward Unto Dawn. :)

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    I get the impression that most video game tie-ins are just appetisers for the main game. Despite ostensibly having continuity, TF2 comics depend entirely on the updates to the game. Same with the Dragon Age comic: if I recall correctly, they were about a belt that was a promotional item for Origins. I made the questionable decision of buying a Mass Effect novel once, and once every two pages there was a reference to some event in the game, as if to say "Hey! Remember how this happened when you were playing?" None of these things can stand on their own as an entertainment product; they're all either made for people who've played the games, or people they want to sell the game to.

    I don't know if Hawken is any different, but given that a team deathmatch game doesn't really have a plot to speak of, I think they want to remedy that with these graphic novels. Such a complimentary strategy might actually work.

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    The Crysis comic was actually pretty nice. It basically connected Crysis 1 and 2 (since 1 ends with you going back to the island, and 2 begins with no sign of anyone but Prophet :p)
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