Sign-ups for Season 16 are now open!

I'm open to suggestions about which mode we should play. Last time I checked the spreadsheet it looked like Dark Charge was winning.

If you would like to take part please do three things:

1) Add yourself to this list. Vote for your preferred game mode while you're there.

2) PM your email address to me (optional, but it will be very useful if I need to give you a nudge). I will not disclose it to anyone else, except maybe WombatDeath or whoever takes over admin duties after me, and even then only with your permission. If you have previously PM'd your address to WombatDeath in an earlier season please consider sending it to me too.

3) Click here to go to the RPS forum settings and edit the 'Private Messaging' section so that you get an email and/or a popup when someone (e.g. me) sends you a PM.

Season 16 will begin on Saturday the 5th of January and will last until the 20th, so please don't sign up if you expect to be unavailable for that period. Rules might be slightly different from previous seasons, depending on the mode we decide on, but all will be explained in this thread before the season kicks off.

New and old players are all welcome! No experience required, and weaponry will be provided. Sign up!