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Well, I think you meant to say: "We'll have YOUR players back in our league" :) I hope they all do well in NHL this short season, although I don't follow it as much. My city team plays in KHL and the playoffs are near, all my attention is focused on it.

P.S. Have you seen Datsyuk's shoot-out magic at our KHL 2013 all-star game?
Hi uncle! I haven't :-)
About this season:
I'll say only 4 words: i realy hate charge!!!

I have lost match 654323 to Cherry whit score:126.
To Cherry: my name is Vitalik. Serg is fathers name(he hate that game, but he was first to try it before me).

Fair play Vitalik, I think the problem with our games was the map; all that open space makes for a bad game of Charge.

I'm actually watching some NHL myself since I'm back out in the US temporarily, it's near impossible to watch in the UK. Sadly my beloved Canucks are playing without Kessler and their first two games were pretty poor (well the second was decent enough until they fucked the shootouts)