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    Quote Originally Posted by Velko View Post
    Also, the #1 mod for Warband is Floris modpack. The download is IIRC bigger than the base game itself, and yet it keeps the setting and feel of the original and expands on that in a very pleasing manner.

    Warband + Floris is probably my Game Of The Millennium so far.
    How in the name of a Rhodok's tiny shriveled dick did I not know about this mod?

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    Yeah, Warband + Floris is the way forward (vanilla warband is great, but having now played Floris, I probably wouldn't recommend ever playing without Floris). There are probably a bunch of other great mods out there too - I'm still hoping for a great "wild west" themed one some day.

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    Why is nobody talking about AD 1257 ???? Its mod who aims at realism,adds TON of new neat stuff in to the game,i mean people who play Mount and Blade are medieval fans who prefer realisti stuff rigth,so why not trying out this mod ?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaftPunk View Post
    Why is nobody talking about AD 1257 ????
    I was about to come in here and post just that. 1257AD's spectacular - I've spent way too much time with vanilla Warband and think very highly indeed of it, but my jaw just dropped when I saw 1257. It's unbelievably huge and unbelievably detailed.

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    Slightly wonky (yet still charming) mod, but you get to play on a map of Britain... so that's nice.

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