I wanted to play 1.6 because it is the game I used to love and the server browser says so many servers are full and yet when I try to join a server even though the info says they have people, I join and they're empty. Like wtf is going on? happened 6 servers in a row and I've just given up. Another bad thing is most have mods you have to download or aren't the original version, why isn't there a filter? Valve have just let the game die. Counter Strike doesn't have like 60,000 concurrent players at all, I bet it just counts all these lying bastard servers that say they have 30/32 players when they don't.

Source sucks, always has done, it's a game for noobs.

CS:GO I'm sat there waiting for ages to find a competitive game, the menu option for it is so hidden I'm not surprised why no one plays it. That was the best thing about CS:GO, being able to easily have 5 v 5 competitive games and now that mode is dead thanx to Valve. Their menu design is so shit these days, I mean that new video settings menu is so bad, you cannot tell what is the highest setting until you scroll round on each one... who designed it like that? Just have far left and far right or the old drop down boxes ffs! I didn't really wanna play the game anyways If I'm honest, the new maps are shit, the new mods are shit mods I used to hate for the original and there is a dumb graphics filter you cannot turn off and too much fog and annoying tracers.

What have Valve done to the series? It is a mess.