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Quick idea for next week : any interest in trying a few mods ? A silly map, maybe more. I haven't explored any mods so far, I'm quite curious to see how yummy they are.
Could do, there's a bunch of interesting ones out there.

The Faded (based on Hidden:Source) where there's one invisible fade versus a bunch of marines.

Sanity is another interesting one, which adds a horror experience to the general NS2 game.

NS2 Combat is a mod based on the combat game mode in NS1. Basically it's the same as normal NS2, but it's a team deathmatch with the strategy element removed and a bit of levelling thrown in.

For new maps, we could try the beta versions of Caged and Eclipse, which are two classic NS1 maps remade in NS2. They don't have any textures, so they're all grey corridors, but the layouts are solid enough.

There are a few other maps around as well, but I can't vouch for their quality. I'd go by the rating they have in the steam workshop.

The only thing with these maps and mods is that you're restricted to whatever servers are running them, so there may not be many.