Good few games last night. I was incredibly late, but fortunately there were still people on when I joined.

I watched the video of our game from Sunday, and it's quite interesting.
Overall, you guys seemed to play much better as a team than we did. It's your lack of killer instinct that was your downfall; you should have attacked our hives a lot sooner than you did.

A big mistake was trying to retake nano at the time when pipeline was under attack. You were swimming in resources so the better choice would've been to defend pipe with everything. We would've been screwed since you guys had access to exos at that point.

I don't know what I was doing for most of that game. By my count, I lost two fades and a lerk, and I only pop up occasionally attacking a phase gate or a power node in nano and control.

That attack with the Onos at the end was intended as a distraction. I had no idea that we would actually succeed in taking you guys down! Guess you were preoccupied with subsector.