First thing - the Minecraft Documentary. OK, I knew it existed but why, in a place so deep in Minecraft even the cables are square, didn't someone tell me how GORGEOUS the packaging and extras were!!??

I can't even remember anyone commenting on whether it's worth the watch (I'm not a big fan of stuff like this - but I make the odd exception!) :)

Hell, that's a reversible cover I'd wear out as I'd never decide which side I preferred!!!!!

Then there's this - I can't believe someone didn't mention it was available so I guess I missed it - is it shit or something?

The iPad version looks a bit questionable at this point - I have my doubts you could make a fiddly game like BG work on a touchscreen anyway but has anyone tried either version/could compare them to the originals!?!?

There's probably loads of other lovely gaming-related-lucre I've missed too - there'll be a 'Chester' T Shirt or something like that!!