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I don't want to know how to write a BETTER game. I want to discuss ideas for making strategy more dependent on resources and geography and for making games less static strategically.

If you have some games recommendations that sound like this it could be useful to know as well. I can hardly object to learning more about unique strategy games that already exist.
I want to apologise, I misunderstood the initial post.
Have you ever played Sid Meier's Colonisation? While it's sides variety is very much in line with "English: +25% Top hats 200% Tea consumption" rather than some thing more startling terrain is law. Buildings need wood, so if you want to build a dock on a timberless island you need to import it by boat. And good luck defending it when the motherland laughs at your independence.

Truly terrain is super critical to a bid to independence, without enough hills you'll be without high ground to hold or iron supply, yes you were a good little colony who made a lot of money, but your expanded too much and we're mot militaristic enough