This is a cross-post from the GH community website - which you should know about, ok? (ok, ok just in case you don't, it's Try to download and install mumble for the event, it makes communication so much easier and the banter on mumble is usually highly amusing to say the least.

I'll try to make it as well and tag along - cya there!

*SPECIAL EVENT* Player training session, Thursday 3rd at 7PM UK time
I did this before, and here is another run having seen more posts about the subject of new players in WvW. I will be running this using a sub channel of the GH mumble server and all are welcome to join... no level requirement, class requirement or experience requirement whatsoever (in other words, you can even be as much of a n00b as me!).

This will entail some touring of the map, spotting notable points of interest, with discussion along the way to try to answer any and all questions you have. We will gather some supplies and set up some siege weapons (provided), if friendly memsers are doing it we can look at the jumping puzzle and anything else really you like! (Yes, cut n paste for the win ).

Please can you promote this to your guilds, particularly PvE'ers who want to know more about it all? I'll take any mumber of people, but please, they MUST at least listen on mumble. Run time will be anything from about an hour to 2 hours depending on how many questions we field.

Preferably people will sign up below to give an idea of numbers, and also any other topics they might want to be covered.


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