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    The painful truth of DIG-esque psychology

    ... if you create a public squad, populate it, and give it orders that are not simply a gigantic 4:1 overpopulated zerg on a popular base that has no strategic value, everyone leaves...

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    I think at the end of the day if you want to play 12 v 12 fights you can load up any old 1st person shooter, a lot of people play planetside because of the big fight potential. Perhaps you may have been too far from a big fight? Alternatively all it takes is for one to leave then everyone does (around 9-10ish with an RPS squad) so ....perhaps you just got the snowball?

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    Games like Battlefield or Insurgency do small scale fights much better, if you want big grandiose fights people come to planetside 2. It's one of the advertising features as well.
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