It has not been a fun sight living in Austin, with the closure of Vigil (and slight resurrection), Bioware Austin taking cuts due to SWTOR. Now Junction point, lead by Warren Spector of Dues Ex fame, has been closed. In seven years of existence we saw two games, Epic Mickey (Wii only) and Epic Mickey 2 (all 3 consoles. Epic Mickey 2 sold less than half the copies of Epic Mickey, the closure almost a given after those end of year sales.

The employees were rumored to be on extended leave since the release of Epic Mickey 2 and first heard of their closure from local developer Robert Space Industries' tweet. It has been a rough year in Austin and with the other recent closures, a small market for developers to find new jobs in their current hometown.

Disney has already said they are realigning their game studios for the digital and mobile market. With this closure, will we ever see a mature violet, Star Wars game from Lucasarts ever again?

The continual exodus of veteran developers leaving Zynga has reached their peak with Brian Reynolds (of Civ2, Rise of nations, Alpha Centauri fame) left his position of chief game designer. He had left Big Huge Games in 2009 for Zynga, where Frontierville was his notable mark on game design.

How about we get a new Rise of Nations? That is not on Facebook.