Hopefully, I'm not stepping on the toes of another thread here (I couldn't find one), so here goes. Tell me your bold predictions for 2013 in terms of gaming. Doesn't have to just be PC-related, although if you mention consoles, your post has to include the prerequisite level of disdain. I'll start us off:

My fearless gaming predictions for 2013:

  • SteamBox PConsole will release this year.
  • Source Engine 2 and Half-Life 3 will release this year, and it will include HL2: Episode 3 treated as a set of prologue missions.
  • Source Engine 2 will release with a set of simplified modding tools, reminiscent of the Portal 2 modding tool.
  • Microsoft's new Xbox will release before year-end, but Sony's follow-up to the PS3 will miss the holiday season.
  • Nintendo WiiU will have a price drop before the holiday season. Their online functionality will continue to suck.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 3 will be released.
  • Apple will finally get more on the gaming bandwagon by providing branded controllers for a new line of high-end Apple TVs. It will be announced but not released before year-end.
  • THQ will be have moderate success with 2013 releases, but sadly, not enough to survive. (I really hope I'm wrong on this one.)
  • The rights to Kingdoms of Amalur will be bought, and a sequel will be announced.
  • Elder Scrolls Online will launch and no one will care.
  • Despite my protests and commitments to the contrary, I will buy more games than I should in 2013, and I will play more games than I should as well.
  • I will shed no tears at the flurry of insults I receive through the course of this thread.