So I've been away from the game for a while, but I'm very keen to come back to the fold. I tried to join in the ARPS session last Tuesday, but when I got as far as the server browser it informed me that "Patch 1.62 is available for download" etc etc.
Fine, except I have 1.62 installed.
On the server browser it states my version is 1.62, and the RPS server, (And others) are running 1.62, though this number is in red.

It was suggested that this may be caused by having installed the beta patch. (I tried to get DayZ working a while ago by using the Six Launcher program that DayZ's website recommended, and I believe that installed the beta patch.)

So now I want it gone, but the advice of the internets has failed to fix the problem, completely removing the game and re-installing has yielded no result but a big waste of time :-(

Anyway, just wanted to ask if anyone can shed some light on this before I give up my Arma dreams... Until Arma 3 anyway.